What does god think of internet dating

19-Aug-2016 05:09

Waiting sucks – I know that as well as anyone else, as I’ve wanted a godly marriage since I was five, but if he is glorified in this season of singleness – however long it lasts – then I trust him.

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But it is only one of many online dating sites for the mate-less faithful.

Two years ago today I met the woman who would become my wife. But I also learned a great deal about myself and God through many disappointments before I met my wife.

The vehicle that brought us together was the internet. So consider these four reflections as you discern whether online dating would be appropriate for you. I met her in a restaurant on the north side of Indianapolis. We dated in parks and on running paths, in churches and at our parents' houses, on road trips and in coffee shops (big focus on coffee shops). Sure, we spent a week or two exchanging information online.

Because that takes God completely out of the equation and makes me, the overly-analytical-Type-A-planner-who-agonizes-over-decisions-big-and-small, accountable for something that would drive me literally insane if I thought that I had to be the one to orchestrate this element of my life.

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And that’s where my frustration with online dating comes in.The internet: the great and bountiful frontier of modern life – it seems we cannot live without it.