Online dating exploits

21-Sep-2016 07:35

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Some have a broad membership base of diverse users looking for many different types of relationships.

The scam then consists in having the ladies contact people on the dating site, taking them on a date at the restaurant, having the victim pay for the meal, and never arranging a second date.

This scam is particularly interesting, because there are good chances that the victim will never realize that he's been scammed -- in fact, he probably had a good time.

We identified three types of scams happening on Jiayuan.

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The first one involves advertising of escort services or illicit goods, and is very similar to traditional spam.This is not always the case, but I'll go out on a limb and say that offline, such compliments in the pursuit of boy-girl relations are a safe way to go. It's pretty much a given that nobody is going to contact you unless they're cool with the image(s) you uploaded. Before it was flagged and moderated, for example, my OKCupid profile image had me in a full body goose suit. I like surrealist art, I make films, currently editing my psychedelic ********** feature. And I can see how that would be somewhat traumatic. So sure, some guys on OKCupid are a bit shell shocked, which may explain some of my more favorite messages received: have said something on my profile to the extent of "So far as you should be concerned, I'm a dude." Just maybe.