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01-Jul-2016 18:38

With MOVE Manager, you become your own Move Update service provider (even a provider to others, if you choose), with total control over turnaround times and vendor charges.There’s no better way to ensure the list accuracy you need, when you need it.It's smart to use Bill Flash to professionally print and mail your statements, just like you use a specialist to handle your insurance claims.You'll eliminate the headaches and costs associated with printing, folding, inserting, stamping and mailing your statements.

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Each year, 40 million relocating individuals and businesses slip out of reach of your mailings unless your lists are up to date.

In order to add a new address, click on the ‘ADD SHIPPING ADDRESS’ button.

In the pop-up window enter your new address details and click on the ‘SAVE ADDRESS’ button.

all of the difficult parts involved with patient billing.

All you need to do is generate your statement batch using a specially provided statement form, and then upload them to Bill Flash over a secure Internet connection. The Bill Flash service creates very professional looking statements that can be customized for your specific needs.Headquartered in Ohio, IDMI works with and supports the database management initiatives of some of the largest fundraisers in the USA.